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Prayer Card for September 2023

Why don't you join us in praying this month?

Woman with Bible

  ‘Be still and know that I am God’ PS 46 v 10


Praying for “Our Churches and Communities”

  • Give thanks for the organisers of all the events taking place this month and beyond which may give opportunities to extend, support and strengthen our community links.

  • Give thanks for the Holiday Club organisers and volunteers who gave their time and talents to create such a special week for the 60 children who attended. May the seeds of faith that were sown take root and flourish.

  • For all those that we know who are ill in body, mind or spirit at home, hospital or care home.

  • That we can always be like “Good Samaritans” to our neighbours and others that we meet on life’s journey.


Praying for “Our Schools”

  • For all the children and young people who will be attending our local schools in the new academic year.

  • For all those who are starting at a new school, college or university this month.

  • Also for those who are starting a job for the first time or an apprenticeship.

  • May they all settle quickly into their new environments and make new friends.

  • Give thanks and pray for the governors, staff and volunteers in all our schools for the challenges they will face in the coming academic year. Praying especially for the new headteacher at Higher Walton School as she takes up her new role.



Praying for “The Wider World”

  • Give thanks that we have freedom to worship together in our churches and pray for all the persecuted Christians who have to keep their faith secret in so many areas of the world.

  • For all the people affected by severe weather conditions of storms, gales, flooding and also forest fires in many parts of the world at present which are causing loss of life, homes, livelihoods and infrastructure to many communities.

  • For resolutions to all the problems of plastic pollution, deforestation and climate change throughout the world

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