Prayer Card for August 2022

Why don't you join us in praying this month?

Be still and know that I AM God : Psalm 46 v10

Pray for our Church Families & Communities

  • Give thanks for all the encouragement and blessings you receive as part of a church family.

  • Give thanks and pray for all the leaders of our house groups and all the leaders and helpers involved in working with the children and young people in their various groups and activities.

  • For the Holiday Club week activities, leaders, participants and their families to build relationships and be open to the gospel message.

  • For all those that are away on holiday and that they may return safely, renewed and refreshed.

  • For the two much needed projects that need a lot of creative thinking and support to raise the necessary finances for disabled access at All Saints and a new heating system at Holy Trinity.

  • For all the plans being made for events and new groups in the autumn season and beyond to increase our presence and create more connections in the community around us

  • For your own response to what you have heard in the services or seen in the notices recently that may have struck a chord with you. Then, try to listen in stillness for God’s reply and pray about how to act on it.

Pray for Healing Peace

  • For those you know who are unwell or who are concerned or caring for someone else at home, in hospital, a hospice or a care home.

  • For those needing comfort or support to cope with bereavement, loneliness, stress or financial worries.

Pray for 'The Wider World'

  • For all refugees made homeless by war, and for all people affected by famine, drought and natural disasters

  • For Ukraine and Somalia in particular

  • For all the Aid agencies working to provide medical care, food and shelter for millions of people around the world.

  • For the co-operation of world leaders to resolve and implement changes to reduce the pollution of the air and the seas worldwide plus the increasing effects of climate change.  May we all as individuals try to do what we can to care for our world. ​

Woman with Bible