Prayer Card for October 2022

Why don't you join us in praying this month?

Woman with Bible

Matthew 19.26

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


Pray for our Church Families and Communities

  • Give thanks for all the harvest gifts of goods and money received and for the work of the staff in the organisations distributing food and supporting people in need.

  • For all those who are struggling financially and needing help with the basic necessities of life such as keeping fed and warm as winter approaches.

  • For the “Warm Welcome” initiative in both our parishes and for the volunteers who will run it each week.

  • For the current Alpha course members and volunteers to come to faith or learn and grow.

  • For all  the fund raising events to both provide the money for the ramp and heating system projects and to grow new friendships

  • For Trinity Tots and our other youth groups including Scouts and for all the staff and pupils of the schools in our area.

Pray for healing peace

  • For all those people who are ill in body, mind or spirit especially those who feel they are without hope for their future be it :-

  • with a chronic or terminal illness

  • with bereavement and are struggling to come to terms with their loss

  • without work and/or a settled home.


Pray for all persecuted Christians

  • especially those in:–
    Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Libya and Yemen who currently are the worst top 5 countries  on the world watch list.


Pray for “The wider world”

  • For people and farmers in particular in many countries around the world facing drought resulting in crop failure, loss of livestock, rising costs, food shortages and famine with dependence on the Aid Agencies to survive.

  • For other climate change effects including :-

  • global warming and more extremes of weather

  • deforestation in Asia and South America

  • use of fossil fuels causing atmospheric pollution

  • loss of species and plastic pollution in the oceans

  • For the continuing war in Ukraine and the effect of Russia’s aggression on world market prices and gas supplies