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Hoghton Holy Trinity Half Hour (HHTHH)

HHTHH is Holy Trinity’s version of a Sunday School. It meets every Sunday except for the Sundays during the Christmas season; the Easter season and the school’s summer break.  Each session lasts for half an hour from 9:15 am until 9:45 am and takes place inside the church.


Our HHTHH is different as it boasts both parents and children in the club.  We do a variety of activities including videos; songs; craft activities and games. Parents are encouraged to help their children learn and they are able to ask questions or add their experiences to the lessons.


HHTHH takes over the normal church services twice a year; once for the nativity and toy service and the other time for the HHTHH anniversary service on the second Sunday in July.  Parents and children take part in leading the service and acting in the sketches and plays.


We have no age restrictions and accept children, with their parents, from six months old.


For further information, please get in touch with Howard Watson on 01254 853980 or email

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